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Dr. Andrea Eschenbrenner D.C., M.S., B.Sc.

Co-Founder Vibrant WorkForce

Award-winning, wellness chiropractor with 20 years experience, author, engaging facilitator and certified in functional movement assessment and ergonomics.

Joanne Neweduk R.N.

Co-Founder Vibrant WorkForce

Registered nurse in private practice, specialized in stress management and oncology. Author, coach, Belief Re-patterning® Specialist and Certified Sound Wellness Practitioner.

Cheryl Dyck

Cheryl Dyck

Grant Writing Expert and Business Consultant

President/CEO of MSI Action Group leads a team of business transformation specialists helping with: business planning and projections, funding and grants (including the Canadian Job training Grant), training, information & technology integration, interim executives and project management and consulting.

Sam Amankwa COHN(C), OHN(C), RN, BN, BSc. Agric (Hons)

Occupational Health Consultant / Client Enrolment and Support

Director of Gab-Gateway – Providing caring, confidential, competent and consistent occupational health services for employers, employees and their families to improve health/disease/injury outcomes.

Lorna Selig

Consultant - Workplace/Personal Safety

CEO Safe4Life   – A Self-defense and personal safety training company… offering empowerment and confidence building classes and programs… Facilitated by City of Calgary Police Officers, with ‘boots on the ground’ experiences.


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