Course Summary for Vibrant WorkForce Level 1 (24hr Program)

Course Summary for Vibrant WorkForce Level 1 (24hr Program)

Course Summary for Vibrant WorkForce Level 1 (24hr Program)

Course NameVibrant WorkForce Wellness Training Level 1
PlatformClassroom \ Blended
(Classroom Instruction, Interactive, Reading & Videos)
DurationFrom_(TBD DATE) to _(TBD DATE)
Recommended Course delivery: 8 weekly, 3 hour session
Adjustable to meet company needs
CertificationParticipants attending and completing this program will receive a Record of Course Completion Certificate.
Type of TrainingThe course is designed to help employees at all skill levels within an organization.
It is an innovative and engaging wellness training program, that promotes a positive mindset and healthier workplace environments.
This course fosters a deeper understanding of how attitudes and actions impact health, stress, safety, well-being, and success.
Skills to be Learned
Training Outcomes
Upon completion of this course, participants will acquire a deeper understanding and practical skills/tools in the 5 foundations of Health Wellness & Success.
• Positive mindset
• Stress management
• Sleep and productivity
• Healthier workplace environment
• Healthy eating choices and it impacts on energy
• Countering sitting disease-proper ergonomics in the workplace
• Workplace safety

When these skills are implemented it leads to:
• Decreased absenteeism
• Decreased impact of employee stress
• Increased employee wellbeing and resilience
• Increased productivity
• Healthier workplace environment
• Increased personal accountability.
Investment$3995.00 per employee (Including GST)
1 team members total including GST = $3995.00
Certificate of Completion Example

Funding and Grants

As per the Canada-Alberta Job Grant (CAJG) Applicant Guide

“The Canada-Alberta Job Grant (CAJG) is an employer-driven program that helps employers invest in training for current and future employees. The goals of the CAJG are to increase participation of Albertans in the labour force by helping them develop the skills they need to find and keep a job. The CAJG is also an opportunity for employers to invest in training …” 

The Government of Canada could provide two-thirds of the cost of training, up to a maximum of $10,000 per employee. Employers will be required to contribute the remaining one-third of the training costs.
You can learn more by visiting the (CAJG) website where you can download the Application guide. We also provide expert grant writing support to streamline this process for you 

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