We are a wellness training business offering programs to promote positive mindset and a healthier workplace, resulting in improved staff retention and well-being, while decreasing absenteeism. They are designed to mitigate employee stress, increase productivity and company profitability.

Our Core Values

Health and well-being
Commitment to excellence
productive positive culture

Our Vision

Healthy, happy, engaged people working within successful businesses

Vibrant WorkForce Ruinning Man


Programmes and workshops:

• 1 hour “Lunch and Learn”

• ½ day, full day

• 24hr training programs (job training grant compliant)

We Cover

• Positive mindset

• Emotional wellness

• Stress management

• Healthier workplace environment

• Workplace/personal safety

• Resilience training

• And more…

Our Mission

To offer innovative and engaging wellness training programs, that promote positive mindset and healthier workplace environments by fostering a deeper understanding of how attitudes and actions impact health, stress, safety and well-being. This ultimately leads to greater productivity and success.

Meet the Team Leaders

Joanne Neweduk R.N.

Joanne Neweduk R.N.

Registered nurse in private practice, specialized in stress management and oncology. Author, coach, Belief Re-patterning® Specialist and Certified Sound Wellness Practitioner.

Dr. Andrea Eschenbrenner D.C., M.S., B.Sc.

Dr. Andrea Eschenbrenner D.C., M.S., B.Sc.

Award winning, wellness chiropractor with 20 years experience, author, engaging facilitator and certified in functional movement assessment and ergonomics.

“Joanne and Dr. Andrea truly complement each other’s strengths and expertise.
Their presentation style is engaging and energetic, and I am amazed at how much I remember and use from what they taught.”

~RGL Calgary AB

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